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Monday, May 28, 2012

Look and then look again

I love the U.S. Federal Census records.  Without them, genealogical speaking, where would we be....with a whole lot of relatives lost.  I know that unless someone was moving at the time of a census, they are most likely listed there.  Census takers were paid by houses.  So even if someone didn't want to be included in a census they usually ended up on one anyways.  Even if the census taker had to get your information from a neighbor or relative.  So knowing all this, I knew that I should be able to find Isaiah & Florence, plus their children Mable, Dott, Claude and Leila in the 1900 U.S. Federal Census.  And that I should also be able to find Isaiah in the 1910 Census.  As of yet, I was missing those census.  The thing to remember about census searches is that sometimes there is such a thing as "too much" information.  After hours of searching through city directories I had come to the conclusion that Isaiah was probably in Salt Lake City in 1900 and in Tacoma, WA in 1910.  In fact, I was sure that he was in Tacoma in 1910 as I had found a City directory for Tacoma for 1910 and he was listed there.  So why then could I not bring him up in the U.S. Federal Census?? Because his name was transcribed wrong. He was transcribed as Alexander Timbert.  As for the 1900 census, the reason I was unable to find him is because he made himself 10 years younger in that census and told the census taker he was born in 1863. Hmm...wonder if I could get away with that.....

So how was I able to overcome these transcribing errors?? Remember "less is more" this case that's what I needed.  For the 1900 Census I knew that he was still going by Isaiah.  So that's all I put in the search box...Isaiah Timbrel, living in Salt Lake City, UT.  And voila, up he came. :)  For the 1910 census, I had put in Alexander with no last name, living in Tacoma, WA born abt 1853.  I was also looking for his wife Mae/May, daughter Beulah and step daughter Nettie.  Leaving out the last name helped me to locate them there.  I did a similar thing while looking for Florence (Isaiah's first wife) and their children.  I usually always go look at the children if I am trying to find out more about the parents.  I had so far been unlucky in tracking them that way.  But I did notice that Mabel had a "hint" for 1900.  There was a Mabel Timbrel working as a servant in Grand Junction, CO.  She was 18 at the time, and I am thinking there is a pretty good chance that this is my Mabel.  And most likely her Mom isn't far away from her.  I think maybe she is in Grand Junction and I just never found her there.  And it's not that far of a stretch.  If the family was living in Grand Junction and Isaiah has to leave for work or whatever reason he leaves, Salt Lake City is not that far away.  I enter in Florence, Mabel, Claude, Dott, and Leila with no last names or birth information, living in Grand Junction, CO.  And there they are... Florence, Mabel, Claude and Leila Trimbril.  Missing is Dott.  I am not too surprised by this though as I have found no other record for Dott other than a Nebraska State Census from 1885.  I think that Dott has passed away as a small child but that will be another story.  I notice two things about this record, one, Florence is listed as Wd (widowed) and two, she says she has only given birth three times and has three living children.  I know this is wrong but I am ok with it.  The first thing, she might have actually believed that Isaiah was dead at the time or she no longer choose to claim him.  Even though in the 1920 census she says she is married.  And to the births, losing a child....I just could not imagine having to go through that, so it's not a far stretch to say that she probably just didn't want to talk or admit to it.  Everything else matches though, names, births, places of birth, and places of birth for parents.  I am pretty sure this is my family I have been looking for.  :)  Mark one for Mindy.

Transcribing errors's a part of life.  So we get used to it and find ways around it.  I give high marks to all indexers.  I think it's wonderful that they are taking their time to work on getting these records indexed.  So if it takes me a few hours or days or even weeks, I am ok with that.  Because it's a hard job to index.  And they do the best they can and that's really all we can ask for.  If you don't believe me go ahead and head out there and give it a shot....the 1940 census still is being indexed. ;)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rosetta M (Timbrel) VanCleave

I have moved on from Isaiah & Amos to their sister Rosetta M. Timbrel, all three being siblings to my Grandpa Jake Timbrel.

Rosetta married a man named Thomas VanCleave (with numerous spellings).  Rosetta and her daughters are the ones in the picture with Mary Jane (Totten)Timbrel Lundy.  I have only just started and have spent most of my time working on Rosetta's daughter Mabel (VanCleave) Webster.  Mainly because after the death of her husband, Rosetta moved in with Mabel and her husband Charles Webster.  I find it interesting that Rosetta lived with her daughter.  I am not sure if  Mary Jane lived with Rosetta, I think though that they must have visited often.  But Rosetta lived with her daughter for more than 20 years.....20 YEARS!! What an awesome daughter.  I find it so wonderful how these daughters took care of their mothers.  I know that when I go home I love helping my parents out.  And I sometimes wish I could have lived in those days.  Family was family and it didn't matter.  I am sure that it was difficult at times.  But oh to have my kids grow up living with my parents and learning from them....what rich history Mabel's children probably got.  I look at that picture of Mary Jane & Rosetta and wonder what kind of women were they?? What stories they could have told??  And look at the way Mary Jane raised her daughter and then the way her granddaughter was raised because of their love.  I like to think that...that it was love and nothing else that brought these daughters and mothers to live with each other for so many years.

I think it was due to a descendant of Rosetta's that the picture I have of Mary Jane was out there in the world.  And I think I may have tracked her down.  But as of yet I have had no reply to my emails.  I am hoping that if something did happen to this wonderful woman that maybe she has someone close to her that will someday be interested and pick up where her Mother left off.  And will find me and we will share.  I have so much information that I would love to share with them.  And so much I would love to learn.

Well, while writing this post I received an email from the lady at the Denver Public Library that was doing my obit look-up's for Florence Timbrel (Isaiah's wife) and Guy Gwynne Jr. (Florence & Isaiah's grandson), and she had them for me.  From Florence's obit I learned of another daughter that I didn't know anything about. Her name was Leila Bell (Timbrel) Miller.  She was born in 1888, which is why I didn't know about her.  There is no 1890 US Federal Census, and I have been unable to find Florence & Isaiah in the 1900 US Federal Census.  I have learned that Leila married a man named Arichibald Miller and that they had three children.  I am trying to locate the children now.  And also find any records of them.  I did find Leila and Archie (as he went by) living right next door to Guy and Mabel Gwynne in Arizona.  Which was quite exciting to me.  I had looked at their names previously but as it doesn't list maiden names it was just another Miller to me. lol.  I will keep plucking away at both of them.  I have a few more leads to follow up on and will keep them in mind.

Yes, both Rosetta & Isaiah (siblings) had daughters and named them Mabel.  And surprisingly enough they were both born in 1882. :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Mabel & Guy Gwynne

So this is why we verify everything.  I really thought this might be my couple because this Mabel's middle name was also Josephine and her husband's name was Guy.  But alas, I received word from the volunteer in Josephine County tonight and she couldn't get all the obits except Guy's but it was enough to tell me that this is NOT my couple.  That explains why the birth date's doesn't match up. :) Back to the drawing board, so they say. 

I also, did find that Josephine County has a very nice historical society that does research...for a fee of course.  Since the volunteer is unable to go look for the others I will pay the fees and have the historical society look for anything they may have on Amos M., Myrtle and Charles (Myrtle's 2nd husband). :)

I have started looking into Mabel's brother Claude Timbrel also (remember they are Isaiah's children, the ultimate goal is finding out what happened to Isaiah).  Claude was a great cattleman in the Grand Junction, Mesa, Colorado area in the early parts of the 1900's.  I have a wonderful photo of him from his younger years.  I think I might have a lead on his grandson though so I will wait till I have time to send him a letter and hear from him before I post it.  I hope that the address I have for him is still current.  I will try to get it written tonight and put in the mail in the morning. 

I am getting ready to leave for Salt Lake City with the Young Women from my church.  I have to get my kids to my brother's because we are leaving at 4:30 a.m. and I will need to get to bed early tonight. :) Wish me luck!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Was she 101 or 88??

Today, I managed to do a lot of work and not get many results.  Days like this happen when you are researching your family.  You can look and look for days and not find anything and then the next day hit paydirt. (A little mining reference there from the girl who grew up in mining communities lol).  Today was a look all day and just end up with more questions kinda day.

I spent most of the day looking into two brothers of my Grandpa Jake Timbrel.  Amos Monroe Timbrel and Isaiah "Ike" Timbrel.  Amos is an interesting person.  From what I know of Amos, who also went by Monroe, is that he lived in Mahaska County, Iowa (where most of the Timbrel's in this generation come from) until sometime around 1918.  He then travels to Denver, Co and was working for the American Express Company, according to his wife back home.  She stops hearing from him in the summer of 1918.  In Feb of 1920 she petitions state officials in Colorado to help her find her missing husband.  I am still looking to see if she ever hears  from them.  But I do notice that in May 1918 there is an Amos M. Timbrel that marries in Denver....interesting no?  Well so the next thing I find is a death record for an Amos M. Timbrel in Grants Pass, Josephine, OR in Oct 1948.  Luckily for me, I can request that document from the Oregon State Archives, which I have done.  And asked a volunteer for that county in Oregon to see if there is an obit. Hopefully, that will tell me if I am on the right track.  One thing I note is that I do not find a death record for the "new wife" in Oregon.  So what happened to this new wife?  Why did Amos leave behind a wife, child and very nice farm back in Iowa?  Like I said more questions to answer.

Now, I spent a good portion of my day on Isaiah.  To me there is just something about this man that keeps me coming back.  Maybe it's because I can't figure out what happens to him.  Or the fact that the closest thing to a lead I have is a California Death for an Alexander I. Timbrel that was born about the same time.  Well last week, I sent off for an obit (hopefully there is one) for this mysterious Alexander who bears a resemblance to my Isaiah.  Hopefully, I will get that next week.  But in the meantime I thought I would follow his wife and children to see what pops up.  Sometimes that leads to what your looking for.  Florence (Isaiah's wife) I find is living with their daughter Mabel and her husband Guy R. Gwynne/Gwynn and their two boys in 1920,  Arizona.  Which is where Guy's parents are living.  Florence dies in 1925 in Denver, Colorado.  I have contacted the Fairmount Cemetery to see if there is any more information on Florence.  I had planned on working on all of their children but I never make it past Mabel Josephine Timbrel Gwynn.  Most of the census records I have found for Mabel list her birthday as being abt 1882.  Except the Oregon Death Index, which has a Mabel J Gwynn b. 1895 d. 1983 Josephine, Oregon.  Yep, in the same place her Uncle Amos is living when he passes.  So I email the same volunteer back and ask for Mabel's obit also.  I am crossing my fingers.  The funny thing is the big age gap in the years of birth.  It's normal to see some difference of age but 13 years....that's a stretch for even me.  The only reason I suspect that this might be my Mabel is the fact that it lists spouse's name as being Guy.  I wonder was she trying to make herself younger in her old age or older in her younger years.  I am leaning more towards the first.  So was she a 101 or 88?? Unfortunately, for me Oregon has a state law that prohibits anyone from having access to death certificates for the first 50 years.  In 2033, I will be able to see it. ;) In the meantime, I am really hoping the volunteer comes through with those obituaries.  Mabel's husband worked for a company that sent him out of the country quite a few times.  In 1918, he applies for a U.S. Passport.  Back then, he only had to list on his passport application his family that he was taking with him.  It shows all his information, his sons names, places & dates of birth, but only Mabel's name.  And also when he reapplies in 1924, it just lists her name on the application.  However, on two passenger lists I find for Mabel it gives the 1882 birthdate.  I really can not wait to see if this "younger" Mabel is my Mabel.  I am going to have to mull over Mabel and my questions for her for a couple days.  I think tomorrow I will see what I can dig up on her brother Claude and sister Dott.  :)